Plastic free zone:

You won’t find any plastic seating here! We like to use wood; both locally sourced and hand-made to create our bespoke furniture. All the tables, chairs and beds are solid teak wood to fit with the jungle vibe that co-exists with the tropical plants and trees in our plot. We use ceramics for our plant pots and ultimately endeavour to become a zero-plastic zone. We serve clean drinking water out of a large dispenser and will re-fill guests water bottles once per day in order to try and minimise waste by tourism.  

If you take a wander through the restaurant you will notice the hand-woven lampshades dotted all around our little eco-sanctuary. They are made entirely from the flowers of an exotic palm tree we call ‘Kithul’. The dried flowers are harvested and plaited to create a strong material that will last you a lifetime. Accompanied by bamboo blinds, you truly get an authentic Sri-Lankan experience.

Our Sustainability Practices:

We have a very organic setting here at The Spice Trail. All our spices are grown in our garden on site, so you can see (and smell) the origins of what makes the food we cook here so delicious. On that note, all our produce is sourced locally. This includes our fish, vegetables, organic chicken and even the coffee! We have chosen a blend from ‘Ruby Harvest’ where the coffee beans are grown and roasted here in Sri Lanka.

This way we are not only reducing our carbon footprint by reducing how far the product travels to reach you, but we are helping local farmers and communities.

How you can help:

Save the Rainforest and help save Kithul!

The ‘tree tapping’ technique is passed down through generations, but is a fast depleting trade, despite sustained demand from the local market.

One of the contributors for the decline in Kithul (the local syrup) is due to deforestation of our rain forests in order to make room partly for rubber plantations.  The farmers with private land are often forced to give up the ancient trade because cultivating crops is a more financially stable income.

We support local farmers by serving Kithul as a regular item on the breakfast menu. Try something new and give it a taste!

Reduce your plastic waste by investing in a ‘life-straw’ or water filter

In developing countries it’s not always easy to find recycling bins, so be mindful of your waste and invest in a water filter. The initial investment will soon pay off as you save money on plastic bottles, and you know you are taking a step in the right direction towards a cleaner future!

Our Story

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The season starts off with a ‘Yeeeeew’ as a 3m+ swell hits A-Bay!

Well, it may still be considered ‘off-season’, but all that means here is uncrowded waves and a perfect swell. Arugam Bay had an amazing start to the summer, with the first few surfers peeping out whilst it was still dark. As the flicker of the final star faded into the sky a beautiful sunrise kick started the day. Hearing news of the swell, some have travelled from one side of the coast to A-bay and others were just lucky enough to have booked their holiday during this time.

In the early morning with no wind, the few early birds scored hard at Main Point. But due to the size of the waves (and the  not-so-forgiving reef), it deterred those that weren’t confident enough for the ride and therefore never got too busy out there.

As the day progressed, the crowds grew and there was a great atmosphere! People gathered at Upali Beach House and the surrounding area to watch the beautiful waves role through.

A Local legend was catching the bigger sets out back and definitely caught the spectators attention when he charged through this huge barrel.

A couple of people were unfortunate enough to snap a leash or even a board but the mood wasn’t dampened, in fact the excitement was only rising!  Guys were coming out for a rest, but after 5 minutes of watching these perfectly formed waves, they were eager to jump back in.

A few more people joined the line-up around sunset, including a few Aussie girls who were tearing it up!

A few chipped boards, maybe a few chipped egos’, but ultimately a fun day had by all and smiling faces all round on the beach!!

Stay posted for the next good swell coming soon!

See you in the water.